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Your Top 5 Business Sustainability Wins

Can you touch your toes? If you can’t, it doesn’t mean they aren’t part of you. Your toes might be something that you don’t think about every minute of the day but they are there and without them you’d probably fall over.

We might be thousands of miles away from the Amazon rainforest but we are connected to it. I’m not going to pretend I’m an expert, far from it, I’m learning everyday, but we know that the rainforests are an essential lifeblood of our delicate ecosystem.

As a business owner and human being, what can you do to contribute positively to planet that we live in? We’ve chosen our top 5 easy wins to get you moving. Choose one or two to get started and make sure you tell people about it! If you're doing good things, communicate it to your internal and external customers through your marketing and website.

1. Change all browsers in your office to Ecosia – The message is simple, ‘Plant trees whilst you search the web” with a tree-mendous counter on the search page so you can see how many have been planted so far.

2. Use a green web hosting service like https://www.ecowebhosting.co.uk/ “Clean, fast, eco-friendly web hosting made by humans” The people at this conscious business plant trees, use energy efficient hardware and implement green business practices. Lovely.

3. Set up a food waste, compost bin and make sure people use it. Food emits methane when it goes to landfill and should be composted. According to Zero Waste Scotland, “An estimated 740,000 tonnes of solid food and drink waste were produced in commercial and industrial sectors in 2013.” You can read more here The Scottish Government’s Climate Change Plan includes reducing food waste by 50% by 2030 to meet the UN Sustainable Development Goal. Every small effort counts – so be part of the solution.

4. Commit to recycling in your offices whilst implementing reuse and reduce projects. How many of your staff buy takeaway coffee everyday? Could you implement a cup reuse scheme and save hundreds of single use coffee cups from going to landfill?

5. Could you change your electricity supplier to a greener choice? You only need to do a quick search to see a range of options available – Bulb, Good Energy and Ecotricity to name a few.

So that’s it. Our Top 5 easy wins to get your business moving in a more sustainable direction.

Want to know why we chose 5? The 5 ocean gyres are large, circular rotations of water. There are 5 main gyres in our oceans - North Pacific Gyre, South Pacific Gyre, North Atlantic Gyre, South Atlantic Gyre and the Indian Gyre. Because of how these waters behave, they collect plastic pollution and have become ‘garbage patches’. You can read more here

If you'd like a review of your sustainable values and how you can introduce them into your business and your marketing, please get in touch.

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