• jacquelinebruce

🍒Pacha’s popped it’s green cherry!

Earlier this year, in the height of the clubbing calendar, Pacha Group's CEO Andy McCabe announced that they would be jumping on board the sustainable disco bus. The group have made a commitment to caring for our planet whilst continuing to provide the legendary Pacha experience on the White Isle. Proving that sustainability can be sexy and fun.

But what exactly are they doing to get started?

🌱 The group, which includes Pacha Ibiza, El Hotel Pacha Lío Ibiza, and Destino Pacha Resort will remove single use plastic straws which equals 300,000 straws this year alone. (We 💚 their branded bamboo straws). Andy and the team will also remove single use cutlery, laundry bags, drinks stirrers and takeaway containers. Nice.

🌱The group will also contribute €15k to the Marine Forum of Ibiza and Formentera.

🌱AND they are collaborating with Segales to introduce Next Bike Ibiza to the White Isle with Pacha as official sponsors!

We love this approach by one of the biggest clubbing brands in the world.

What we’d love to see is a Sustainability page added to each of the Group's websites got give the initiatives visibility and to allow visitors to the sites to read about Pacha's commitment to sustainability.

For the love of house. For the love of dance. For the love of earth.



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