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Bring Your Own Cup

Last Saturday I attended my first ever Glitterbox event at SWG3 in Glasgow. As I stood at the bar with the time ticking by (an hour to get served on one occasion!) I couldn’t help but watch the extent of the waste that was being generated. Single use cups upon single use cups. And of course, drinks that are supplied to the venue in glass, need to be decanted. Double trouble. Isn’t it ludicrous that we need a fresh cup for every drink poured? Do we use a different glass when we sit at the dinner table at home drinking wine or having a beer? I doubt many people do. So why do we do so as soon as we’re out?

People in nightclub. Photo by Pim Myten on Unsplash

Of course it’s nothing new that nightclubs and pubs generate a lot of single use waste. I’ve been shaking my shimmy on the dance floor for a couple of decades now but it’s only since my awareness around sustainability has been awakened that seeing the amount of waste produced makes me wince. I used to just see it as a hell of a lot of mess that some poor buggers would have to clean up after us all!

Tried and tested

And there are solutions available. And there have been for several years now. In 2016 Glastonbury Festival introduced a cup reuse scheme for 10 of their bars.* At this year’s festival plastic bottles were banned and the organisers were encouraging festival goers to bring their own reusable bottles for water.

Download Festival went to Green Goblet to supply over 425,000 branded cups. Over the course of the festival more than 500,000 drinks were consumed in reusable cups, preventing the use of 4,500kg of plastic disposable cups!

The benefits for Download were:

• The site was cleaner and clean up time was reduced significantly.

• There was no delay in bar service, and attendees enjoyed sturdy, reusable cups.

• £25,000 was directly saved on disposable cups. **

For bar or nightclub owners who are making the right moves towards less waste and sustainable choices, switching to reusable cups is a great option. Not only for the environment, but as these numbers show, also financially. Save the planet, save money, save time.

Reusable cups. Photo by Ryan Everton on Unsplash

So what are the options?

In absolutely no particular order, first up is Stack-Cup who have a globally patented spiral handle making the cups easy to hold and transport. Then there’s Enviro-Cup who’s cups are made from stainless steel and last but not least Green Goblet who offer branded cups to suit your marketing strategy. They each offer services to help transition to a more efficient way to serve drinks.

The future is yesterday

For everyday that goes by and we don’t act, more and more waste is produced. And with that, more and more single use products coming onto the market to keep up with demand. Some of it recycled, much of it going to landfill. Waste that’s been produced for something that’s used for minutes. It’s the very definition of wasteful.

To go back to the request that Glastonbury organisers were making to festival goers to bring their own reusable water bottles…is their a nightclub owner brave enough to ask their crowd to bring their own cup?! Maybe BYOC is a step too far for now. So the best step forward now is to implement reuse in venues. Yesterday.

*; ** taken from the powerfulthinking Guide for Events

For the love of house. For the love of dance. For the love of earth.

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