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The biggest story of our lifetime - Meet our heroes...

Updated: Feb 10

What would life be like in 2030 if we only had people like those we met last week? For our story to continue, we need to meet a few more people. People that could help change the course of 2030 and give us our alternative Scooby Doo endings. Who are they? Let’s meet them shall we…!

Noel. Noel loves to explore. He has spent his life dedicated to nature, which also means, he has dedicated his life to saving humanity. He is passionate about what he does and brings this passion to everyone he meets. He hopes that his love for nature and the planet rubs off on those he reaches.

Emma: Emma has lived a quiet life. But she has been through a lot. She has seen a lot of suffering and pain. And this has led to her learning many life lessons, and having to adjust to different ways of living. Instead of letting it get her down (for longer than she needed to) she used these experiences to grow and change. This has made her into someone that people go to for advice and so she is a great mentor to people wishing to make changes to their life or find new meaning.

Carrie: Carrie has been sacrificing herself since the beginning of time. She gives her everything to others but unfortunately for Carrie, this means she gets taken advantage of. She supports everyone who appreciates her but, through no fault of her own, those who abuse her trust, who steal from her, who disrespect her, leads her to reveal a side to her that can be quite destructive. This side of Carrie needn’t exist, as we’ll soon see.

Stef: Stef is the class clown who loves to joke around. He often uses his humour as a way to communicate what he stands for. He has always stood by his values, even when it caused him discomfort as he would often be vilified and targeted by bullies. But he soon learned to communicate his values in a different way, to support people in a way that wouldn’t cause him to feel anxious whilst never faltering on his beliefs.

Jilly: Jilly has a secret superpower. But it can only be activated on one condition...

Cara and Corinne: Cara and Corinne met by chance. Or was it? Cara is an Earth Scientist and Corinne is an Engineer – they met at a party whilst they were both studying. And after a few too many drinks, came up with a plan to deal with plastic pollution

that’s being washed up on shores or dumped on makeshift landfill sites in Asian Pacific countries. They have a shared love for giving back. For doing something positive with their lives. And their invention is game changing.

Then we have Magda. Magda has lived a very privileged life. She spent years building a business that was turning over billions. She had seven homes in seven different countries, a private jet, a yacht, cooks, cleaners, all the clothes and shoes she could possibly need. But what she didn’t have was peace, or acceptance of herself. She never thought she was good enough. And, like Rena and Richard, suffered a

childhood that was less than perfect. Until one day, when everything changed.

Finally, meet Harry and Melissa. They are teenagers who have realised that they need to do something to help change 2030. They have refillable water bottles, they took part in the school strikes, they don’t go in for fast fashion and instead choose their own sense of style. Which is very cool. They love the outdoors and spending time in nature and take part in the odd beach clean. They use their social media to share and post what they do to contribute to a better 2030.

These are the people who live with purpose. They are the Conscious Humanists. But can they come together to change 2030?

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