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Conscious Humanism.

Hi, I'm Jaxx. I write about 'Conscious Humanism'. What is Conscious Humanism? In short, it's the antidote to 'consumerism'. 

In a nutshell, Born Sullivan is me - Jaxx Bruce. And I'm all about sustainability. I love language and believe that we can talk our way - honestly and transparently - out of the climate crisis.
I'm a marketing professional and have been through the 20+ year career that was largely unfulfilling. So now I'm here with my thoughts on the ideology of 'Conscious Humanism'.
Whilst writing about this is fun and rewarding, I earn my (earth's) crust by helping other (preferably sustainable ) businesses with marketing, communications, sustainability strategies and actions into your business values. 

I love writing. Here you will find my articles about Conscious Humanism and my thoughts on marketing and sustainability.

I hope you grab a coffee (or your weapon of choice), take a break and have a read…

Enjoy :0)

Your social media is sporadic, your blogging isn’t beginning, and your ideas aren’t inspiring. Put simply, planning your marketing is plainly quite painful. So let us do it for you. Online and offline, we can plan it, execute it and we can even build you a website if that’s what you need to get you going.
For the love of the planet...
We really do. So much so that Jaxx has also spent the last 3 years working on a Circular Economy bathroom homewares startup. 
So she knows a bit about sustainability. And has a good eye for sniffing out the BS often peddled by greenwashers. So she's best placed to help your sustainable marketing goals. 

Our Services





Us with you in your space for a full or half day - If you need us to be with you, we can be. Whether it’s a one off half day, a longer term contract for a project or because you know you need a marketing resource, we’ll be there by your side. As long as you’re commutable for us that is (West or East Dunbartonshire and Glasgow preferred). Further afield? We will travel if it makes sense for us, if we’re a good match and we really want to work together.




Build Something - for a month, a quarter, a year or something more strategic, we will Build Something. We’ll do a Brain Storm (jeez this BS thing is working out well isn’t it?) together or we can do it for you and present our ideas and suggestions. Once we’ve agreed what needs done, we plan it. It’s up to you if you can execute it yourself or if you need us to do that too.




Be Social? - Another bit of planning and idea generating. We can plan campaigns, generate themes and give your social media a right good boot up the feed.




Blog Some — you might have noticed we’re quite good at the writing thing. Although some might disagree (you can’t please everyone). If you’re one of the ones who do like what we write (we did say we like a bit of poetry. Rhyming is poetry isn’t it?) then we can write for you. We’ll adapt to your audience and get into your way of thinking and we’ll write about stuff that matters to you and your business. It also helps your SEO.




Brilliantly Simple - for when you need a brilliantly simple website. We will use Wix or Squarespace and you can be as involved or not involved in the process as you want to be. Tell us what you want and we’ll do it. Or we can work on it together. Your website. Your call.




Breathe a Sigh - of relief. When you need a new website and new words for your website but you don’t have the time or expertise. We can help you write the copy you need to send to your website developer - if your website developer can’t do it for you or you need a fresh pair of eyes.




Bring Something - different. Traditional marketing at it’s best. Direct Marketing can be a very useful way to target your customers, particularly if you are business to business. If you have the budget it’s also great to target existing customers with something that little bit different.




Better Send - do you want to stay in touch with your existing customers easily, straight to their inbox? Monthly newsletters can be as short or as long as you need them to be. Tell your story, direct people to your website or let people know about special offers.





Be Sustainable - we have a particular love for businesses and startups who are embracing sustainability. And we don’t mean simply saying it on your website. We want all Scottish businesses to include real, tangible sustainable thinking and practices into their business - embed it through core values and make it part of everyday life. We can discuss this with you and set out a plan to get you started.




Best Shift - We live in a world where we continue to take from the planet, make stuff and then waste it. We need to shift this thinking and doing by closing the loop and moving to a world without waste. Where we mimic nature and utilise everything as a resource. We have experience and are passionate about circularity and we are here to help you move to a zero waste business.




Becoming more sustainable can be as simple as introducing reuse schemes instead of having disposable items in your office, club or bar. Or maybe you could change everyone's browser to Ecosia (who plant trees for every search). Or what about switching to a renewable energy supplier?


If you and your business or organisation would like to be future thinkers by taking action today, please get in touch.


Born ready when

you are

Hi, I'm Jaxx (Jacqueline). I’ve being getting my marketing groove on for around 20 years now, with my full time career culminating at a prestigious car brand. It proved to be just what I needed to make me realise that I wanted more than a career. I knew I had to pursue my own thing - starting a business that would do good things.


So I moved back to the mother land and founded the startup, Undisturbed. A sustainable bathroom homewares brand, on a mission to make sure everyone around the world can step into a clean, mindful shower everyday. We’re thoughtfully designing and developing a range of functional and beautiful products that are safe and sustainable whilst striving towards being a fully circular brand.


This is one reason why I love working with startups and small businesses. And it’s also why I’m particularly keen to work with you if you’re serious about or would like to get serious about sustainability, the Circular Economy and looking after people and planet whilst making a profit.


If you'd like to work with me, I can help you with being more sustainable, how to move towards sustainability and how to communicate sustainability to your internal or external customers. So please drop me a note to get the ball rolling. How will we work together? You tell me what you need, I’ll tell you if I can do it and you tell me if you want me to do it. After we’ve established all that, it would be good to meet up in person or catch up on Zoom. If you need something I’m not able to do myself, I may know someone who can.

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I work with Brian and the team at CPL Software managing every aspect of their marketing on a regular weekly basis.




I've been working with Brian and the team to launch their new reporting app. 

I'm helping Shirley develop her first website and working as and when she needs us with her marketing. 




Another ongoing project I'm working on for Brian and the team. Launch of a new app where I manage the marketing week to week.

Morag asked me to bring her beauty business online with a simple website. Which we did.

My startup project is Undisturbed. The world needs to be redesigned and we're doing our bit by rethinking bathroom homewares for a more sustainable future.



Find out our availability and how we might be able to help you and your marketing by emailing us or using the form.


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We are currently based in Dumbarton, near Glasgow and Loch Lomond. 

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